Local News Story

in the wagonTo our friends and family,

This coming Friday, May 10th, the local Oklahoma City NBC affiliate, Channel 4 is doing a story on our family and adoption of Ashlyn.  We wanted to pass this along in case you were interested in watching.  It will air on both the 5pm and 10pm news.  If you live outside the OKC market you can see the story online at the Channel 4 website – www.kfor.com.

On another note, we did receive Ashlyn’s social security number a couple of days ago.  She is now an official resident of the United States, a citizen of our country and a Towler!

Once again, we can’t thank each and every one of you for your support, prayers and thoughts over the past 18 months.  Hopefully, our story will encourage others to never back down from an adoption.  There are tens of thousands of children that can use a stable, loving, and caring home to grow up in.  These children did nothing wrong. They deserve a chance and a home.  Alicia and I would encourage all of you to get involved in a child’s life.  You can make a difference – a huge difference.

Kindest Regards,

Bill and Alicia Towler


3 thoughts on “Local News Story

  1. We will certainly be watching! I tell everyone about the ordeal you two went through just so that we can have our Ashlyn. She is a special little girl and so lucky to have wonderful parents like you. Wish I could be part of her growing up. Much too far away. Love to you all.

  2. Still crying after watching the interview. I know that this is a special Mothers Day for you and it made my Mothers Day even better knowing that you won in court and Ashlyn won more than anyone.

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