Gotcha Day

In the world of adoption Gotcha Day refers to the day that you officially execute your final adoption decree.  This morning at 10 am, Ashlyn Rae Towler is now, and forever, our daughter!   The final decree, executed by Judge Welch this morning means:

  • Alicia and I are Ashlyn’s parents and are noted as such on Ashlyn’s birth certificate, and
  • Ashlyn Rae Towler is now her legal name.

Alicia and I will never be able to thank everyone for all the support and encouragement that our family and friends have provided for us over the last 16 months.  We have literally been touched by hundreds of people.  What an amazing community of support.

The love story continues….


12 thoughts on “GOTCHA DAY!

  1. Wow! That’s wonderful news, and a true blessing for both daughter and parents. Congratulations….drinks on me !

  2. Thank goodness it is finally over. Congratulations & enjoy the life with her! You are lucky to have such a sweet little girl and she is lucky to have such a loving family. Love to you all —– —– Dee Dee & Joe

  3. So happy for all of you! I’m glad it is all final now and you can put the past where it belongs and devote all of your energy into raising a happy healthy and loved child!

  4. Wow, what an incredible victory for your family. Kim and I are absolutely thrilled for you guys.
    What a wonderful start to 2013. Celebrate and have a beautiful day.

  5. Praise the Lord. I’m so happy for all three of you! You all are truly blessed. It is so heartwarming for the outcome to be the one that it should be, which is the best for everyone. Thanks for sharing your journey and lifting all of our hopes.

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