Interesting Challenges

Ashlyn's 1st BirthdayGoing thru litigation over an adoption poses some interesting challenges that you would never think of until you actually go thru it.  For example,

Try filing a tax return and claiming a deduction without a social security number for your child.

Or, try signing her up for benefits with your employer without a SSN.

In the world of adoption your child is not “official” until such time as an adoption decree is issued.  In our case, Ashlyn is almost 14 months old and, due to the fact that there is not a formal adotpion decree that has been issued (and there will not be until the trial process is over) she does not qualify for a SSN.  In many ways, Ashlyn is not a formal citizen of our country.  This presents a unique set of challenges that we never anticipated.  Of course, tell her that at her first birthday party.

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1 thought on “Interesting Challenges

  1. I’m sorry as I can be for everyone involved. Once you are a parent yourself, you have a whole new level of understanding about matters of bonds, love, and commitment that were only guessed at before having kids.
    This situation is beyond insane. At what point of “blood dilution” does the Cherokee Nation or whoever cease to have an interest?
    Anyway, you are in the right and will prevail. Just sorry you have to go through all this.

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